Member Spotlights

Each quarter, we feature a member or group of members of our organization as a way to promote camaraderie and highlight our accomplishments.


Fall 2014

dewertThis quarter we feature GA-HERO co-founders Dave Ewert and John Bugge.

David Ewert is past chair of the Emeriti Association at Georgia State University. He is professor emeritus of finance who has also taught at San Jose State and Purdue. At GSU, he helped create and served as the first director of the Executive MBA program. As a member of the Board of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education, he initiated AROHE’s efforts to support smaller schools in forming consortia to create and maintain connections with AROHE, and formed the first such consortium in Georgia. He earned his B.S. from Iowa State and M.S.  from the University of Minnesota. He holds a Ph.D. from Stanford.


john bugge

John Bugge is Professor Emeritus of English at Emory University. He was one of the Department’s two medievalists; he specializes in Chaucer, the Arthurian tradition, Middle English devotional literature and spirituality, and the alliterative style. He is the author of Virginitas: An Essay in the History of a Medieval Ideal (1975) and the co-editor of The Arthurian Tradition: Essays in Convergence (1988). His degrees are from Marquette (BA 1963) and Harvard (MA 1966, Ph.D. 1970).

John is Chair of the Emory University Emeritus College Executive Committee. John works with the Executive Committee, along with a varied group of constituents, to implement the EUEC’s strategic plan and address opportunities and challenges related to faculty retirement.